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Sandblasting Services

sandblasting services
sandblasting services

Our mobile sandblasting service can clean any surface from brick, stone to metal or concrete. Rust, paint, graffiti or other environmental damage can be easily cleaned with sandblasting.

Sandblasting Applications

Sandblasting is used to clean surfaces, remove rust, oxidation, or finishes and to prepare surfaces for new coating applications.

Sandblasting involves use of a specialized blasting machine propels abrasive media at high velocity via compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned. This process thoroughly removes the material without harming the substrate. We choose our blasting media to be purpose specific using different densities, abrasives, and sizes based on the required cleaning application.

We offer sandblasting in the following applications:

  • Commercial vehicle refurbishment
  • Plant and machinery cleaning and blasting
  • Stone and brickwork cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Structural steel work cleaning
  • Industrial spraying to agreed specification

Our mobile unit can come to your site.

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